Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Wait for the Euros

I can see no one else has bothered to write up anything on the Champions League final. I will take this as evidence that no one was too impressed. I definitely wasn't.

I was really indifferent to both teams, but by the end of the game I did want Chelsea to win. Mostly for historical purposes. It's nice to have a new team lift the trophy and show that it is possible for new teams to enter the competition an win. Albeit, with billions and billions of dollars of investment. It would have also saved Avram Grant's career. Grant was fired earlier today having failed to win anything this year after taking over from Jose Murinho. This is harsh in my opinion as he did take the Premiership race right to the very end and made it to the champions league final for the first time in the club's history. And in all honestly, Chelsea were playing quality football.

I really dislike Cristiano Ronaldo; but I can't deny his ability. I am enjoying the public bid for C. Ronaldo by Real Madrid for a ridiculous 100 million pounds. United fans thought he was so loyal. Funny how things change when a vast sum of money is thrown at you. United fans shouldn't be upset, it should have been expected. They are a victim of their own success with regards to finding talent and helping them develop. In the end, Ferguson completed the 'double' and all is well in England. Except of course of having to miss out on Euro 2008.

The countdown is on for the kickoff in Austria-Switzerland. Looking at some of the favorites I still say Italy has a lot of potential to make a serious dent in the tournament. If of course they make it out of the 'Group of Death'. I am confident they will. I do not feel France will. The loss of Zidane is was huge for soccer as a whole. But for France, let's just say, it's crippling. I am expecting for Portugal to flop out due to not having England to beat up on this time around. Spain could win it all, or they could under-perform (as per usual). Germany looks solid again following suit for the World Cup.

As for underdogs, I won't say. I'm never good at those. I do hope there are some surprises this year. Maybe Romania will do some shocking. Either way, I will be watching a lot of soccer this coming June and that makes me smile.

Here's a video to remember to Euro 2004.

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AsOne said...

Full predictions to come later but I'm calling a Germany v Italy final.